75 Duo-Scripts: Only $10 for set of 3 books. Free Shipping

Three 40+ page books, each containing 25 different scripts best suited for the younger age audience. All scripts require 2-3 puppets of any gender and most can be used as ventriloquist scripts as well. Scripts written by Marty Wilson and Lewis Lansford. Copyright 1984. Published by Ubsurd Productions. Reg. price $6 each. SALE: $10 for the set of all three Puppet Show books. Click Here.

Vol. 1: 25 scripts teaching good relationships, proper attitudes, Pleasing conduct, family living, growing up, good manners, etc.
Vol. 2: 25 scripts. Subjects include Bible stories, parables, Christian attitudes and worship skills including praying, singing, giving and listening.
Vol. 3: 25 scripts for church, including a series on service: serving God at home, at school, with friends and at Church. Also a series on attitudes: sharing, truthfulness, obedience, respect and kindness.

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