"Certified Professional Ventriloquist"

Would you like to be a Certified Professional Ventriloquist? It's easy to find someone offering quickie degrees in many fields. With a few dollars you could cover your office wall with a variety of impressive certificates bearing your name in distinguished lettering. Years ago I received a request from a ventriloquist who wanted to purchase a document showing that he was a Certified Professional Ventriloquist.

As if money could by professionalism. Unfortunately (or fortunately) it's not that easy. A professional is know by the quality of his or her work. When one does an outstanding job of performing they will quickly be recognized with the deserved reputation as professional. They don't have to tell the world they are a pro because the quality of an entertaining show speaks for itself.

Others may feel the term professional applies to anyone who is paid for the performance. But you and I have both witnessed paid entertainers who gave shabby shows. Would you call them professional? It's the performer, paid or unpaid, who presents a superbly entertaining act to the delight of their audience that I personally consider a pro. Titles mean very little; talent and showmanship mean everything. Will this be the year for you?


  1. You're absolutely right...
    Meanwhile, I'm happy with my Maher Certificate!
    Ventiliquism is a skil you're never finished with.
    And that is the most attracktive part of it.

  2. From the late '50s until 1969 I was active in ventriloquism as a performer only. But those were the days before video cameras. Then I purchased Maher Studios, took up figure-making, working with students, publishing books and a newsletter - the performing pretty much had to make an exit. I have a very few bits and pieces of my performances on video. Maybe someday I can edit something together...

  3. Anonymous1/16/2011

    I can understand someone wanting to be able to display something that attests to the fact that they are a practicing ventriloquist. It might be going a tad too far to have something akin to a certificate that a doctor might display, but on the other hand, something humorous might be in order. There could be a variety of such documents made available or self concocted, suitably framed, and perhaps showing a photo of the performer and their partner [s]. A membership card of some sort in a ventriloquist
    organization could also be a cherished item and permit one to display their interest in the art.
    One such suggestion might be:
    " This is to certify, document, and proclaim that: "So and So" practices the art of ventriloquism and has done so since,_________.
    Their audiences have not, booed,or stoned them; their figures, puppets, and / or dummies have not rebelled, and they have not been shunned by their families for engaging in these activities.

    Attested to by: "Name of at least one dummy and photo" Date, and perhaps a serial number.

    That's my take on this one.
    Joe Radle aka Capt. Joe </:o)Huddleston, VA