Dummy performs wedding!

From Rev. Russell Baker:

Two months ago, God called me as pastor of a small, community church. In that time, He has opened the door for my wife Debbie to lead the singing and for me to teach Bible lessons to children through ventriloquism, which has been a joy.

When a couple in the congregation celebrated the 50th anniversary, they requested a comedy routine with my standard Charlie McCarthy at the party, which I was glad to do. What they didn't expect was that their grown children requested a surprise second routine with my Festus D. Hayseed figure (a standard Mortimer Snerd). At the children's request, Festus--acting as a Justice of the Peace-- announced that he "discovered" that the couple's marriage license had never been filed at the courthouse, so they had never truly been married! So Festus decided that he was going to do their "wedding ceremony", complete with a toy shotgun for a "shotgun wedding!"

After the couple got past their "deer in the headlights" look, they came up to do the "wedding ceremony" officiated by Festus, laughing all the way.

I may be wrong, but I think this was one of the very few "weddings" performed by a ventriloquist figure!


  1. I've heard of a vent performing at a funeral, but never a wedding, guess this takes the (wedding) cake, funny story:)

  2. Take a look at ... ventriloquists.net/ventriloquistwedding.htm
    -- the 2003 wedding of Eyvonne Dee Carter and Valentine Vox!

    Bob Albano

  3. Scott Bryte1/03/2011

    My pastor Woody figure actually did offiate at a wedding in 2008. My Bishop was not a big fan of the idea. I had to keep reminding him that the dummy wasn't real, and assuring him that it would be me signing the license. I don't remember anything in the ordination vow that said my lips had to move.