1/1/11! Happy New Year!

Mr. D's $7.00 Ventriloquist Collector Coins for year 2011 are here!
I've set aside 77 of the new 2011 $7 coins to be given away by prize drawings throughout the 2011 year. Seven coins will be awarded on the 11th day of each month, Jan-Nov, beginning 1/11/11.
Note: With the number of persons registered for prize drawings (535) the current odds of winning a free 7/11 Coin during the year are approximately 1:7. Of course, the odds will change throughout the year as more blog visitors register and the number of drawings decrease.)
A phrase on the coin reads "SEVEN DUMMY DOLLARS", but just like last year's $5.00 coin, I will redeem a coin as true U.S. dollars if spent at http://www.maherstudios.com/ . You should know, however, that last year's 2010 coins are currently priced on the secondary market for considerably more than face value! Nice!
This new $7 coin is the second of a planned series of six different coins. God willing, the third coin will be released at the ventriloquist ConVENTion this coming July, and the fourth in the series in December.
While my supply lasts, you may purchase these $7 Collector Coins for $7.00 each; 3 for $20.00 Postpaid. Contact Mr. D

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  1. Hi Mr. D and all,
    I got one of the First of these interesting and highly valuable collectible Vent $7.00 coins and I am pleased to have it, The price was well worth the extended value of enjoying this item. I am sure my family and I will enjoy it for an eternity. Others who read this should Please consider ordering yours as it will be worth the cost., Sincerely, The Duff Family,