Case doubling as stand?

Question: I'm a novice, but I'm thinking if I had a case 44"-48" long, I could stand it on end for the show, using the case as a stand. I know this is longer than most cases, but I'm not averse to putting the figure in the case without folding. Or perhaps I could also pack my amp in the same case. I am most interested in your advice.
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From Mr. D: 1) I'd never recommend packing a PA Amp in the same case as the figure - unless the case had a permanent divider that held the amp totally separate from the figure.

2) I personally don't care for the idea of an extra long case. I'd prefer a shorter case which held the figure folded, even it meant getting a second case for the PA system. Many PA's are "self-contained" making a case unnecessary.

3) A case manufacturer might be able to design a case for you with some sort of end lid that opened upward to form a shelf of the right height upon which the figure would sit. Seems like I saw someone use something like that years ago.

4) I would still prefer a separate performance stand that is adjustable in height. You only have one figure now, but there's a good chance you'll add characters to your show as your career progresses, and each character could well have it's own unique need when it comes to performance height.

PS: My son, Kevin, does sell several different Performance Stands. You can see them with prices here: http://animatedpuppets.blogspot.com


  1. Anonymous1/04/2011

    I use to do this.... and want to make another case so I can do it for my new shows. The only tip I can give is to separate the case inside with sections so things don't fall around and stay in place.

  2. I agree, or you will have a mess, I think you should look at Rm. D. sons sight, He has a wide Veriety of Stands, I love the side Stand attached to the waist, that can be also ajusted to your torso, So check it out, the Stand on case isnt a wrong idea, there are aaaaaaafold up legs that clickup into holes, which ajust to height, Ot maybe use the legs off of a couple of tripods, try several ideas, Have fun, enjoy Creat and discover, then Delight. Thanks the Duff Family,