Today's Prize

Today's prize is a framed vintage product photo that Juro Novelty Company sent to dealers to promote their "Velvel" ventriloquist doll that came with his own carrying case and wardrobe. The entire kit was sold for a dealer price of about $10 in its day. I saw one (doll only) advertised for sale on eBay last week priced at $400.00! (I don't know if it sold at that price.) The framed photo shown here came from the Madeleine Maher collection and has been won through today's drawing by Des Bradley.

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  1. Philip Grecian1/14/2011

    Wasn't the original Velvel a slightly reworked "Willie Talk?" Seems like I remember something like that.
    Used to watch him constantly on the Sullivan show. Sullivan loved puppets and vent.

  2. That's so cool, I've never seen that! (Rickie was my dad)~