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From Natalie Miller: Its been 21 years this year since my parents bought my first ventriloquist doll off you. I now tour the world and have DVD's in Christian bookshops in 2 countries! I have a question. You used to have accent tapes a long time ago. I need to learn a cockney or British accent. Do you have any suggestion of a source for teaching CDs?
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From Mr. D: The accent tapes we sold (and they were excellent) were produced by David Alan Stern. Try http://www.dialectaccentspecialists.com/ I believe amazon.com also carries some of his work. I highly recommend Dr. Stern's products.


  1. Philip Grecian1/24/2011

    There are several accent books on the market. Herman and Herman's books are classic, but here's one copyrighted in 2002 that comes with two CD's in the back. An excellent book. Mine cost $29.95 new. it's called, Accents--a manual for actors (revised and expanded edition) ISBN number 0-87910-967-X

  2. Yes, we are still here and Dr. Stern's programs are all available on CD. We no longer sell them through Amazon, but you can reach us at the site Clinton cited, above, or at www.LearnAccent.com.