Hand in hand...

Hands in the hands of their maker. These are the hands on the Insull figure that will go up for auction tomorrow. I carved the hands of Plastic wood nearly 40 years ago. In the 1980s they were used as the master hands for a latex mold I made and used at that time. After making the mold I stored this pair away in case they would be needed again. And now their time has come. You see them here the way I see them, freshly painted, ready for their new assignment.

Note: The Insull figure is finished and ready to sell. The bidding begins 1/25/2011! I've set up a separate page on the completed Insull figure with further description and some 20+ photos. Click Here


  1. Let 's hope the Insull figure won't end on a shelf of a collector!
    He's too beautiful and must come alive on stage.

  2. Ahhh...that's always the dilemma with ventriloquist figures. I can't visit Vent Haven Museum without thinking those same thoughts, and yet - I have two figures on display in that museum. Some days I'm glad they are there; other days I have other thoughts.

  3. Anonymous1/24/2011

    I take it back and agree with Bastiaan, guess he's right. Hope that he sends Mr. D another photo, not of the goose, but of that boy figure he had made, info on who made it and where located, website if possible. LD