The Christian and Ventriloquism

Question: I was reading how ventriloquism had its roots in the occult. Is it still okay, as a Christian, to use this art form? What are your thoughts?
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From Mr. D: While I have no doubt those who practiced the occult may have used ventriloquism to dupe their seekers, I personally feel the roots of ventriloquism are found elsewhere. I am confident that the use of the voice to misdirect is as old as mankind itself although the manner is which the talent was used changed as societies came and went over the centuries. The human voice is a miracle of God's creation. Every individual is the recipient and stewards of that amazing tool - and that is what the human vocal apparatus is, a tool. It can be used to encourage, or discourage; to heal, or to wound, to promote truth, or deceive. Sadly, the occultist will deceptively use his or her voice as a messenger of the darkness. The Christian ventriloquist has opportunity to use his or her vocal skills to convey joy, hope, and the promise of eternal life made possible by the Light of the world. There is no doubt in my mind that God is pleased with the person using this unique talent to share the light.


  1. Anonymous1/23/2011

    I once wanted to do a magic trick with a religious message in church, & one of the higher up members of that church threatend to leave the church if i was allowed to do it, for she felt that magic was devil worshiping also, as magic did have the same trouble, even more so than ventriloquism back in ancient times. I begged her to allow me to show her the book i was learning the trick from, which was one of the volumes in the tarbell course in magic, but the "message" came from a supplement book that gave religious patter for several tricks in one of the volumes so you could teach a lesson in church with magic, which would hold the interest of the youth. Anyway, once she saw the books & then allowed me to do the trick for her, her face lit up like a christmas tree with joy, and she said she would never look at magic the same way again. I had made her a "believer". She loved the performance & said "so, what gospel magic will you have for us NEXT week??" Like Clinton said, it's a TOOL, & just like a hammer, you can use it to build, or destroy. Best of luck to you.

  2. Janice Watson1/23/2011

    General William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army,often took secular tunes that the public knew and put Christian words to them. He said "Why should the devil have all the best music" I believe the same can be said for Ventriloquism.

  3. Everything has a spirit, whether it be a leaf on a tree, the tree inself, the wind that blows through its leaves and makes tree bend and sway, or a spirit puppet delivered from a fallen tree. There's nothing wrong with imagining. Little girls have dolls, some boys too, and play let's pretend. I say, hold on to the child within you in shows in church and school programs.

  4. I didn't do ventriloquism for years because my (old) misguided pastor told me it was witchcraft! He even copied something from the dictionary.After praying I started to use it. Ventriloquism is a art just like juggling, balloons and puppets. I been using ventriloquism for years now and have no problem.
    Ribbons the clown/ventriloquist