Tribute Figure

From Bob Abdou:

I recently read the story from Harris D, about someone leaving their dummy to him after they passed away. Well, this just happened to me. I buy a lot of vintage toys on ebay and one seller who I buy a lot of toys from sent me an email about his father passing away. His name is Bill Dozier and he always wanted to be a ventriloquist. He custom built his own dummy and called him"Cody" (photo right).

When Bill passed away, his son Dan contacted me and asked that I take care of Cody and put him in my collection. I responded that I would take care of Cody just as Bill would have wanted it. I will never use Cody in a show or sell him, I want him to be a tribute to Bill, and Cody will be displayed with my other valuable collection of vintage dummies. This is an honor for me.
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bob abdou


  1. Hi Bob, Clinton and all.
    That is quite an impressive Figure, and what an honor, That was a great gift to leave to you, and I am sure you are proud, However, Not using him and Just having him on Display may be a sad thing for the Figure and the Donor, Maybe you should figure a way to put him in your Act.
    Make him the Star that his owner always wqanted him to become. Maybe use the theme of Passing Death and Gift of Giving as the theme, I am a big fan of your work and I hope to meet you some day. Maybe I will get to see You and your new friend in an act that you develop using the theme or other themes that would best put to use this fine Gift from the Holidays, to continur to give his special Gift, Just as thought. Have a great Day, and thanks for sharing Bill Dozer's story and his fine gift to you. Good Luck with your Future. Thanks and Have Fun, Bill

  2. Hey William and readers,

    I feel it will be more of an honor to the father by having him on display and talking about him when guests come over. As a comedian, talking about death, as real as it is and we will all face it one day, isn't funny and don't want to die on stage. (when a comedian does well, they kill, but die when an act doesn't work - an oxymoron)

  3. I see Bob,
    and I understand, It would be a very Difficult thing to achieve, and I know a lot of your Audience is Kids, I guess I woke up too early and din't think of the Bombing on Stage part, And it is your desire and Decision and Future to deal with if you do the wrong thing in your act. So I totally understand and relate to you, I would like to see a show every year in The Charles M. Schults museum, Santa Rosa Ca., Where all of the best Ventriloquists and puppet experts put on a Peanuts special, of course using one of a kind Peanuts Puppets, WOuld you be interested and could you help? Thanks for your continual efforts with Ventriloquism and this Blog, Mr. D. and Family are First Class as you and yours, Have a Happy New Year Everyone. Bill Duff and Family.

  4. bob steininger12/30/2010

    hi bob i think that was a great honor that his son thought of you to take care of him his son did state for your collection in time to come what would you do to keep him alive and going (the vent fig)would you pass him on or whattttttttttt