Too little time?

Report: I made an appearance on Berks Community Television in Reading, PA. With 10 minutes or less, I was limited to what I could do of my act because of the time frame they gave me.
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Comments: If the likes of Dunham and Fator and other working pros can eagerly accept and make the most of 3-4 minutes limitation on a TV show, think what a bonus a time slot double that length can be! Make the most of it. Sometimes the highlights of a show are as good or better than the full show anyway.

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  1. Anonymous12/30/2010

    I'm not a performing vent at this time, but did a lot of local tv when i was. That's what i dis-liked most about it, was you MIGHT get told you will have x numer of minutes, but RIGHT before they start recording, you hear " oh, & by the way, we can only give you x number of minutes now" {more, or less than originally stated}. So, even if you go prepared, be prepared! If i get back into performing again, & think i will with close-up magic, i have resolved to shun the camera. Besides, i'm to old to be "the next big thing" LOL! Enjoy. Bill Smith