"Automatic" eyes

I finished this smaller (24") figure last week and although he has been purchased and now resides with his new owner, I thought I would introduce him to you because his unique eye movement. I called them "automatic*" eyes because their side to side movement is a result of the head movement. There is no finger control for the eyes. When the head is turned to the left, the eyes move left; turn the head to the right and the eyes move to the right. The size of the figure lends itself nicely to a young ventriloquist's needs, and the simplicity of manipulation is a bonus.

(*This setup is sometimes referred to as "balanced" eyes as well.)

1 comment:

  1. Interesting Addition to tthat Figure Mr. D. Did you come up with that nidea, or just develop it to fit this Figure, With his expression of Smile makes his eyes sparkel, I bet his new Owners are proud, Good Luck with your new Member of the Family, Happy Nre year to All.
    The Duff Family,