Hair-raising experience

This Len Insull head (sometimes referred to as "Davenport") came to me for refurbishing. I've done a number of similar jobs over the years but as best I can recall, this was the first with a "hair raising animation" which made the wig installation extra interesting.


  1. An excellent job. Color is great. Your painting skills really shine in this piece.

  2. Philip Grecian12/22/2010

    That's a great face!
    As for the animation...it looks like you cut a piece out of the wig and then glue it onto a fabric sleeve you've made for the flap? Seems like it'd be really tricky around the edges. Thanks once again for insight into your process.

  3. The flap is fabric covered metal. I glued the fur "hair" to the flap and actually used paint to touch up all the edges of the cut material so edges would match the color of the hair. It's not so difficult - just takes some careful and patient work.

  4. Anonymous9/19/2012

    What is a dummy like this worth? I also have one and it's said that it might be a 1954 model.

    1. I'd hesitate to give a value on any Insull figure without knowing the condition, character and animations. Could be hundreds of dollars or thousands...