How hard is it to learn?

Question: I was thinking about doing a school program and I was wondering about learning a ventriloquism show for kids, in schools and churches. I really like the dummy you have on ebay at the moment but the only concern I have is how hard is it to learn. I have seen some really bad ventriloquists and I don't want to join that que.
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Brief Answer:
Ventriloquism itself is really quite simple:
Move the puppet in a lifelike manner;
Make it appear that it is talking (with you providing the words),
while at the same time you make it appear as though you are not talking.

It takes practice and quite frankly, the difference between the "good ventriloquists" and the "bad ventriloquists" is pretty much how hard they work at it, and the proficiency level they are willing to be satisfied with.

I can tell you this, I took piano lessons for several years. My skills never approached concert level proficiency. But when I practiced my skill level pieces to the point where I could present them flawlessly, people were impressed and enjoyed my performance.

Ventriloquism is no different. To impress people, you must stay within your current skill level for performance, yet all the while pushing yourself toward the next level during practice. And there is no better time to begin than now.


  1. the person asking the questions makes a very bold statement about not "wanting to join that que". All ventriloquists start out bad. It would have been nicer to say "I have seen some really good ventriloquists and I want to join that que. When I see a beginner vent not doing a good job, I think to myself if that person just sticks with it just as Clinton sez. That person will eventually become the next Jeff Dunham, Dan Horn or Bob Abdou.

  2. Well put Bob. Also keep in mind that school assemblies are educational programs performed in an entertaining way. They are a lot more complicated than simply entertaining an audience, you must have a message that fits the school curriculum.