Winchell VHS

When it comes to an introduction to the art of ventriloquism and an explanation on how it is accomplished, there's still no one who does it much better than the master Ventriloquist, Paul Winchell.
In 1954 Winchell wrote the now classic book, Ventriloquism For Fun and Profit (now a collector's item). This video is based upon that book. And this VHS video also includes classic performance footage from Winchell's own library.
Via today's drawing, I award this last copy from my library collection to blog visitor: Nick Wing


  1. Paul Winchell was probably the inspiration that started most of the ventriloquists in the country to become ventriloquists. I know my first vent figure was a Jerry Mahoney doll from Sears. Jimmy Nelson and Danny O'Day are probably a close second.

  2. Fantastic Gift, Great item to win Congradulations, A real insperation for all, and one of my all time favorites, Can these be ordered any where? Bill