Instant Success

From Canon John Jordan

My special-order ventrillo-ett in his tuxedo arrived safely today, and he's more than I could have wished for. How you built and sent him on his way to me so quickly is amazing. He became an instant hit, as the customs people had written "Puppet" on the box. The receptionist noticed it, and urged me to open the box right at the front desk so she could see it. I did, and found the stick and finger control so immediately familiar-feeling, that he began chatting with the receptionist right away. Before I knew it, there was quite a gathering around, and there I was, in the midst of an impromptu performance with a figure who still didn't have a name! The "oohs and aaahs" all around helped me to wrap up the debut, with the promise that he'd be back to see them all soon. The ventrillo-etts could well have a sub-title - "instant success". My sincere thanks.

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