"No Bully Zone"

By Bob Abdou - mrpuppet

Last year some schools asked me if I had a "Bully show" and I said, "No". Why? As a comedian, I did not want to mix comedy and fun with the topic of Bullying. Well, the summer made me rethink my decision, and I spent over $1000 in NEW puppets, spent over $700 in stage props, spent 2 months finding quality material, spent hours on the phone talking with professionals (like Andy Mrkvicka from Colorado), and spent hours at night writing, writing and rewriting a new script for a "NO Bully" show.

What was the outcome for all this work and money? - My new "No Bully Zone" show is complete, I performed the show 6x in October and another this month. (Not bad for a new show just created during the summer!) I am sure more shows will book once the word gets out. Here is what one school wrote me after a show

"Dear Mr. Puppet, Thank you so very much for coming out to our school! From the moment you walked on stage the students were glued to you! Everyone loved your performance. I have to tell you that I had just returned from a training session on good character and anti-bullying strategies and I was amazed at how perfectly your show addressed all of the key points on anti-bullying. The strategies that you shared with our students are the strategies that we promote and you did it in such an entertaining way that the kids are still talking about you. I highly recommend your show to all elementary schools. The kids were so enthralled with you that they didn't even realize they were learning...but they did, and it shows. Awesome show."

My hard work has paid off. Is this topic easy for others to do? NO, this HOT topic is not to be taken lightly. I have found ways to make this a serious show with a serious message with a twist of humor. (That is my tagline for the show.)


  1. Bullyingin Texas is an epidemic. It's spreading all over the country. It has got to stop. Melissa and I are also working on some anit Bullying scripts for a couple of new characters that I am building. Bullying is vile and bullies are scum that need to be put away...imo

  2. Bob I have not heard your new routine but just from knowing you I am sure that this NO BULLYING show is worth its weight in smiles and knowledge...Looking forward to hearing it, possibly in part at the Convention in July...

  3. Hey NJ, that won't happen, but maybe another show?? put in a good word for me,

    Hey Phil, you seem really serious about this subject and good for you, just choose your words carefully, especially dealing with young children that have no guidance at home and need extra care.
    like I said in my story, this is a serious subject and needs to be handled in a way that will get the right words across to the students and also have the school district want you back again and again.

  4. Hello Clinton,
    to prove that the right words and care can make an instant change in a student, this is what I posted on my Mr.Puppet fan page on facebook right after the show:

    Another successful No Bully show in San Antonio, had a teacher tell me during my show she saw one student who has bullied other students look sad because he realized his bad choices and how it effects others

    that says it all!!

  5. Hey Clinton

    one last thing, promise.

    the bully in the picture is NOT me or the Bulldog.
    It's the meerkat, this act shows that cyberbullying can be anyone, just because someone looks tough doesn't mean they are, Billy the Bulldog is a gentle kind character in the show and the students LOVE him,