Special arms

Customer Comment: Last year I received your figure Luke, I renamed him Woody Timbers. I sure enjoy working with him. Do you make arms that are flesh all the way up? I sometimes use him for recruiting new members into the Marine Corps League. Here in Nevada our Uniforms are short sleeves and it just don't look right with him having to use long sleeve shirts.
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From Mr. D: I don't have a good solution to the request for bare arms on the ventriloquist figure. I have seen cases where the cloth sewn portion of the arm has been painted flesh color, but that was not fully satisfactory, in my opinion. Or, the hand is made with an extra long wrist length. Somewhat unnatural - and no wrist joint. I'm wondering if one could find a large doll at a thrift store that we could scavenge a pair of arms from. The hands on dolls are often "babyish", but maybe they could be replaced and just the arm used... If our readers have other suggestions, I would welcome them.
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From Steve at The Dummy Shoppe: Go to your local Hobby Lobby. They have a whole section for doll makers. I believe that you could purchase just the arms (maybe even cheaper than thrift stores) and surely in better condition. I've seen all those baby and doll parts several times, but I never had a use for them. That might help you.

Another possibility would be to buy some "Chenile" pipe cleaners. They come in every color in the rainbow, and some of them are pretty bushy. Also they are bendable.
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From Philip Gecian:
Maybe arms from a display mannequin.

Try these people. I've bought a couple of heads from them for theatrical prosthetic construction. They're always having sales. http://www.roxydisplayinc.com/

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