If you are a follower of Looney Tune characters, then you know all about the soft spoken fictional resident of planet Mars, Marvin The Martian, and his comical attempts to destroy the earth (because it blocks his view of Venus). Of course, he shows up in locations other than his own planet and has had several memorable run-ins with Bugs Bunny and other fellow cartoon characters.

The actual Marvin the Martian character has no mouth (although he speaks), so you know what you see here is not intended to replicate the Looney Tune character itself. My puppet is a Ventrilo-ett, all decked out for a costume party in his brand new MTM2 costume. He may actually greet a few of the costumed youngsters who ring our doorbell tonight! One of these unique, limited edition ventrilo-etts can be delivered to your door as well.
Order: MTM2 - $49.95 Contact Mr. D

To quote Marvin: "Where's the kaboom?!"
See the entire current family of "Mr. D's Ventrilo-etts" HERE.


  1. Really Cool < Mr. D. I love cartoon caracters, especally Marvin the Martion. Kinda Like Bob Abdow. I hope I spelled that right, I have a lot of things in my house, Mostly Cartoon Items,I have several original comic strips from Mort Walker, ( Beetle Bailey) Bil Kean ( Family Circus) Jim Keefe ( Flash Gordon ) exc. Martin is one hard to find ite, I have a few. Good Luck with sellig them, I wish I could get one for my collection, but I have will probably have to sell off a lot of what I have to resulve problems in my Family, I do wish you Luck, Thanks Bill

  2. Anonymous11/01/2010

    "WHERE'S the KA-BOOM??!! There's SUPPOSED to be an EARTH shattering KA-BOOM!!!"
    Looks GREAT Mr. D!! :))