This original ventriloquist cartoon was published by Maher Studios in the NAAV "Ventrilopedia", Just For Fun, (Vol. 4) in 1977. Unfortunately, the artist's name is unknown. If someone reading this recognizes the work and knows the artist, please contact Mr. D.
As a result of today's drawing, I'm awarding a copy of this book to: Bert Lloyd.


  1. The Cartoonist could be Bruce Bollinger, a great cartoonist I know, who used to draw for Cracked Magazine, 16 yearsaround the time you mentioned. he does a lot of Single Panel work,
    Curious what was the punch Line?
    Maybe have a contest to make up one. Currious, what the Figuers Name is? Bones, Skinnless Lee, Urinate Allover, There is a few, Or Possibly, Boiled INWATER.
    I wonder if that cartoon was an insperation for all of the Skelaton Figures I see today. Bill

  2. Here isa couple suggestions, Vent - Say hi to all the folks, Figure- Hi Foaks, Give me some Skin. Vent - How did you get so skinny?
    Figure- Working for you, I dont get paid the big bucks, All I get is your hot air, you get to keep the Roll.

  3. The name you mention does not ring a bell with me. The cartoon had no caption. It was intended to speak for itself visually...but, as you suggest, the viewer can make up one of his or her own.

  4. Anonymous10/30/2010

    LOL!! I can't BELIEVE THIS!! The artists name is WESTBROOK. It's about plain as day. Look at the guys in the audience. The name goes left to right between the backs of both of them at the bottom of this scan. I had this set & remember it well, & can CLEARLY see it with my now 50 year old eyes & glasses. Thanks. you made my day. :))

  5. Dick Westbrook did send ventrioquist cartoons for publication in Newsy Vents more than once. Always creative and unique. Thanks for remembering and using those sharp eyes of yours!