Gone fishing!

Everything works well on this vintage Jerry's mouth - its just that the mouth unit keeps moving to one side as it opens and closes. So I'm placing a spacer on the mouth axle to the side of the mouth to keep it from moving overly far to the right. It's a bit of a "fishing" process with a similar feeling of satisfaction when the "big catch" has been made!


  1. Philip Grecian10/02/2010

    My first figure was a Jerry, nearly sixty years ago.
    I remember the frustration, in the following years, trying to replace that almost inaccessible rubber band!
    In those days, though, the Jerries had better-fitted mouths; the shifting thing wasn't a problem. I'm grateful for that, at least!

  2. Anonymous10/02/2010

    Has a very contented look on his face. Must be he realizes he's in the very best of hands. LOVE the blue eye shadow! LOL! :)) W.S.

  3. Anonymous10/04/2010

    Hanging upside down AND having to hold their breath in those plastic bags...your vent dummies surely must be relieved when they find a new owner!!....LOL
    Geoffrey, Australia.