Ventrilo-ett Comments:

"My ventrilo-ett arrived in today's mail. As usual your craftsmanship is superb. It is a great addition to my very small collection of ventriloquist puppets. I named him 'Willie Tell' as a pun on both the 'Willie Talk' toy figure of years ago and the 'William Tell Overture.' " Allen Fuller

* * * * *
"Mr. Detweiler, you never cease to amaze me! The ventrilo-ett arrived today and he is wonderful! This little guy will travel with me everywhere. My grandchildren who have always been afraid to come into Pop-pop's shop because of the dummies have no fear of 'Verlin' the ventrilo-ett. We had such a good time with him today." Steve Barry


  1. James Tucker10/01/2010

    You should include one of these for a little extra in the Maher Study course. It would sell like hotcakes with these cute guys.

  2. Something to think about ...