From Dave Robison (written to Mr. D.)

I purchased "Oliver" sometime in 1977, or so, from Maher Studios. He was actually the inspiration for my dialogue book, "It's For The Birds" (published by Maher Studios, now out of print). Oliver has been in storage for years after becoming a toy for my kids early in their life.

With my recent undertaking of rebuilding a Lucky Duck figure, I "fished" Oliver out of a packed storage building with the intention of sending him to a good vet...you.

He's in bad shape, but I think he's worth saving, if not cost prohibitive. I also had the idea of replacing his feet that stick out in front with two short stubby legs on bottom that would allow him to look as if he's standing on stand when performing. What do you think?

(left) Repair work in progress

Today (right)

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  1. Hey Mr. D,

    Just wanted all your blog readers and fans to know that it was well worth the price and not "prohibitive" at all. After all these years I am still amazed at the craftsmanship you exhibit for such a fair price.

    Thanks again for the excellent repair, and "Oliver" says, 'thanks for the new legs and my new eyelashes'. (For some reason, he's really proud of the lashes)