Vent Throat movement

Question: I've worked part way through my Maher Home Course of Ventriloquism and have a question. While my lips move are static during practice, I notice that my throat moves a fair amount. I've had a chance to watch Terry Fator, who sings and does complex dialogs, and I hardly detect any movement in his throat, while Jeff Dunham appears to have a fair amount of throat movement. Any tricks for removing that jiggling throat other than wearing a turtleneck sweater? Jim

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Answer: Throat movement is a result of moving your tongue. It has nothing to do with the voice itself. I don't know any way to stop the throat/Adam's Apple movement other than keep your tongue still - obviously an impractical solution for a ventriloquist! It seems a problem that only men (and not all men) have as vents; I've never received this question from a female. Yes, you could hide some of the movement with a turtleneck. I've known vents who have done this. My advice is to simply ignore it and concentrate on making your act as entertaining as possible - no one will even notice (or be concerned with) any throat movement. Jeff earned 34+ million last year using this approach - if it works for him it must have merit.


  1. Never thought of it before, but your head and neck shapes probably do make a difference. (we're all built a little differently.) I also think the pitch of the vent voice you are doing can affect how much your throat might move. With the "typical" high, droning voice most of the action is more up in the nasal cavity. When I try a lower "Mortimer Snerd" type voice, it's happening lower in the throat and I get a lot more noticeable movement.

    Clothing choices help. I wouldn't recommend wearing turtle necks all the time--you'll start to be known more for your fashion statements than your act. Collared shirts are better than t-shirts at any rate. (I was practicing the other day in a tank top and was surprised to see all kinds of things moving around in my neck and sternum.)

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