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Hi Clinton, I am sending a customer your way who is interested in having his Mortimer doll converted into a headstick model. He'll also inquire as to the cost of painting the head and hands. I told him how amazing your paint jobs are. Do you have a "standard" price for basic, deluxe and super deluxe modifications of Goldberger dolls and painting, so I can give folks an idea if they ask? Lee Cornell
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Thanks, Lee, for the referral. I do appreciate it. However - unless dolls are going to be repainted and fitted with a new larger hollow body and deluxe legs,, along with the addition of moving side-to-side eyes and raising eyebrows (what I call my "Super-Supreme" upgrade), I would refer your customer to our son, Kevin for the doll conversion/upgrade. I have retired from offering upgrade services on the Goldberger Celebrity Dolls when repainting is not required. I refer such jobs to Kevin who does provide the "standard", "deluxe" and "super-deluxe" upgrades: animatedpuppets@charter.net

All the various "Upgrade" terms can be confusing to the inquiring public, so in an effort to clarify, here are our definitions:

STANDARD UPGRADE: New hollow body torso (same size as present so doll can wear the same clothes it came with), head mounted on head post so head can turn, tilt, and nod. Lever control for mouth mounted on headpost so the mouth can be controlled from within the body.

DELUXE UPGRADE: All the features of the "Standard" upgrade PLUS Side-to-side moving eyes that self-center, operated with a control of the headpost. And a lifelike wig.

SUPER-DELUXE UPGRADE: All the features of both "Standard" and "Deluxe" upgrades PLUS Raising Eyebrows operated from a control on the headpost.

SUPER-SUPREME UPGRADE: All the features of the "Standard", "Deluxe", "Super-Deluxe" upgrades PLUS a larger body torso (clothes will need to be changed), new deluxe naturally contoured legs, and the head and hands professionally repainted.

Our son, Kevin Detweiler (Jackson MO), provides the first three upgrade services. I provide the SUPER SUPREME only.

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