Willie Winkle

Question: I have looked over your site and really like the gentleness of the faces that you produce. I did see a doll named "Georgie" that was made by you that I particularly liked the most, but did not see it on your site. Can you make another one like this one? I have attached a picture of it with this email. If possible, I would like blinking eyelids added to the features. If this is possible, how much would the doll cost and how long would it take to make it? Thank you, Tim
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Answer: This character was known in the Maher Studios Catalog as "Willie Winkle" and was created and built by Craig Lovik. He was probably the best seller of the entire Knee Pal series of characters. So popular, in fact, that the mold was used and reused so often it became unusable and had to be discarded. That was more than a decade ago. Thus, the character is no longer available. Sorry.

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