Vent emcee

Question: I am getting ready to be emcee with the two dummies (one at a time); which of the booklets do you suggest, "From Start to Finish" ?
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Answer: As A ventriloquist, you are unique. Using your vent skills as emcee will prove to be very popular. Your bits will be short so the books that have short dialogues bits or single jokes in dialogue form will work best for you, I believe.

Any of the Gag File books (Start To Finish is one of them) would be good since they contain individual jokes and gags in dialogue form. Also worthy of consideration:
Banquet Performing
Short Routines
Letters To Freddy
Comedy Dialogue Fillers
You will find all these and more on http://www.maherbookstore.blogspot.com/


  1. Clinton I am in search of a booklet on questions to freddy follow up style, the age of the kids are from k-4 or another source to search its almost like dear abby except in the kids version.

    My second is on a similar version to Johnny Carson Carnac but in the kids version..how can you help with that..N Jay

  2. Do you have a book in mind that has been published? Or are you asking if such a book has been published? I have Boley's "Letters To Freddy" and "Fractured Nursery Rhymes" in stock and Andersen's "Silly Riddles and Knock Knocks". $5.00 each.