McElroy Fan

This picture went unclaimed by its original winner for nearly 60 days, so I offered to award it to a collector or McElroy fan who could convince me they would appreciate it for what it is. A number of you responded and I have to say, several of you presented a convincing case. But in the end, I've selected Mark Garrett of Ontario, Canada.

Mark is not only a fan of the legendary McElroy brother fguremakers, but he is a student of their work, and uses their advanced mechanical design as inspiration for his own work. While not I dentical to the McElroy's, Mark's work shows advanced figuremaking skill as well. See the results of his latest work in the photo (right).


  1. That is a real cool McElroy, I cant understand why it wasnt claimed. Good Luck to the winner,

  2. Congradulations Mark, man what an amazing piece of work I can see that you will be considered to be a profeshional, and your work will be highly collectedone day soon, Amazing well deserving of the prize, I learnt a lot from this article, thankd Mr. D.. and Mark, as well as the Mcelroy brothers, Bill

  3. Anonymous8/29/2010

    Just wondering where a guy can look at more of Marks Garretts work. the inside has me curious to see the front side!! Dave F.

  4. Payton H.8/29/2010

    I remember seeing this and I have to say neat ventriloquist piece. Why would you unclaim it??

  5. Many prizes go unclaimed - simply because winners are not checking the posts to see if their names have been drawn.