Nancy Kelly

by Bob Abdou

In 1995 I saw an ad in the Penny Pincher magazine for a
"Maher Studios" dummy and magazines for sale.

Unless you are a vent, you probably won't recognize the name "Maher Studios" when it comes to selling a dummy, so I called the seller (Nancy White Kelly, file photo left) and she was very nice. She was retiring and wanted to sell everything she had left: the dummy, an Axtell bird and many old magazines and photos.

I purchased them and never heard from her again but she left me with some great memorabilia.

So since this figure was new to me, I used him for my writing comedy course in Atlanta.
As a footnote, the photo (right) shows me on stage for the very first time. The year was 1995, and the performance was at The Punchline comedy club in Atlanta. I still have it on tape. It was graduation night for our comedy writing group. The figure I'm using is Chip (now called Teddy), another figure I got from Nancy Kelly. Inside his trunk were a couple of dummies and puppets, old Oracles and photos I treasure to this day.


  1. Hi Bob,
    I found that very interesting, I would like to see a copy of the video, will you ever post it on your sight, or some where else? Your house is allllsome, Keep up the great work. Did you get the message to contact the Charles M. Schulz Museum? Thanks,

  2. Hey William, yes got the info, it is always best for someone to contact for me, sorta like an agent, sometimes it backfires on an entertainer when they contact a client direct. and sorry the video will never be shown, it was my first time performing and it is not very good, I am afraid it might ruin what reputation I have :)

  3. I bet it showed a lot of potential, I do understand. and I know though it was your first time, and to your opinion, it wasnt the best.
    I am sure you still value that first performance, for it was a major step to where you are today. I did contact The Schulz Museum, I talked to Ketty Debrower, she is Jean Schulz Personal assistant. She said to have you contact the Museum and say she told me to tell you to call. Cartoonist William C. Duff,
    I am sure you and them can work out a great act, Possibly an act with the entire cast of the Peanuts, sounds really cool, I wish my friend Charles was here to see that.
    Your very good, I doubt that your reputation will ever be ruined. Keep up the fantastic work,A true fan. Thanks, And Good Luck, Bill