Coin Comment

From Buddy Big Mountain:
"Mr. D. Thank you so much for sending me a "DUMMY DOLLAR" collector coin. I will be keeping it in my medicine bag. I know it was given with a kind heart and it will give me comfort always."

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  1. Thank you Mr. D.
    You are a true beacon for others to follow, I am honored that you asked my family and I to check out your blog page, and for your offer, and the special request you said you will fill for my kids, I will be excited to see the coins, and Honored to give them to my kids once I get to see them again, I will make sure I will tell them that you gave them these, for good Luck as I believe our luck will change. I am still making Soft Puppets, Hopefully to raise money for a good Attorney. Wish me luck God Bless, Bill