Question: I have been working with several types of string for the controls for a puppet I am making. The problem I keep getting is that the string breaks due to friction. Any recomendations? Charles
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I recommend using only BRAIDED NYLON string. I use a heavy fisherman's line, but braided (not the twisted) mason's line will work as well. I've never had such line break on it's own. It can be cut if it passes repeatedly over a sharp edge or burr so you will want to make certain there is no such happening. Even a burr too small to be seen can do damage, so be sure to sand all edges and replace any screw eyelet that is causing the string to wear.

If there is a sharp turn along the string's path that causes the string to wear by friction, you may need to add a pulley or turning dowel or something similar. Vaseline as a lubricant at such friction points will also prolong the life of the string.

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