Puppet making "How-To' Book

Reader Comment: I have an idea for you...well you know...You're such a brilliant Puppet maker why not write a book on it and add some of the cool projects you've done off your blogs? Viola! A cool book! It would also be used as a cool text to teach this craft along with ventriloquism techniques. Just a thought from one of your students and fans.
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Reply: Thank you for the idea and your more than kind and encouraging words. Writing a puppet making "how to" book has been suggested to me more than once. But after preparing a lesson on building a simple vent figure for an earlier version of the Maher Course (Lesson 18, copyright 1975), I know only too well how much work it is to put together such instructions. I can't see myself doing that again. I do from time to time try to show on this blog some of the general steps of construction of the puppets without getting into great detail which I fear 95% of the readers would find quite boring.

William Andersen did prepare a book on figure making. It is titled Make Your Own Dummy, published by Maher Studios. I do still have copies which I sell. You will find a more detailed description with price here: http://maherbookstore.blogspot.com/2008/12/make-your-own-dummy.html

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  1. Excellent book, well worth the money, and a very good start for someone try to make their own figure.