Andersen Script books

Question: "I have found a lot of success harvesting the works of William Andersen for tried and true scripts. Would you be able to list for me the titles you have available by William Andersen?" Jim
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Script/Dialogue Books by William Andersen
Short Routines $10
My Favorite Routines $5
Tell Me A Story Gramps $5
School Talk For Dummies $5
School Talk For Dummies #2 $5
School Talk For Dummies #3 $5
From The Birds $5
Animal Sense and Nonsense $5
Ventriloquist Safety Programs $5
Short Bible Routines #1 $5
Short Bible Routines #2 $5
Short Bible Routines #3 $5
David and Goliath $5
"How To" Books that include dialogues:
Ventriloquism For Little Children $5
Ventriloquism For Senior Citizens $5
Gag Files in Dialogue Format:
Silly Riddles $5
Bible Humor #1 $5
Bible Humor #2 $5
Also by Andersen:
Know Your Character $5
Make Your Own Dummy $10
111 Ways To Use Ventriloquism In Church $5
All in stock. All prices include postage.

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  1. Wow, What an Amazing List of Accomplishments, ( Book) that Mr. Anderson wrote, Courious, Is he still alive and well, Does he still Vent and write Books, I hope to someday get better financially, so I can buy some if not all of his books as well as other books you have in stock, The Books I have bought so far from you have been very informitive as well as inspiring.
    Thanks so much for your information Bill