Writing a Dialogue

As you gain experience as a ventriloquist, you'll be writing more and more of your own material. It should come as no surprise - your best dialogues will be those you write (or adapt) for your own use. So, where do you begin when writing a dialogue?

Before starting to write the actual dialogue you should consider:
1) The Audience. Are the adult? Children? Family groups?
2) The Event. Is it a Banquet? Party? School? Church?
3) How much Time are you expected to take with your presentation?
4) What vent figure will you use with the dialogue? What animations are possible?
5) What is the Purpose? Entertainment? Instruction? Both?

When you have determined these five considerations, it is easy to organize your thoughts into some logical pattern,. The last point (The Purpose) is the most important. You cannot write an effective dialogue without knowing WHY it is to be written.
* * * * * *
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