#41 Ventrilo-Card (Autographed)

Dale Brown
Set 4; Card #5

Dale Brown became interested in ventriloquism at the age of ten, after being inspired by Paul Winchell's television show. Dale's first figure was Jerry Mahoney.

Known as "America's Corporate Ventriloquist", Dale performs regularly at trade shows and corporate events. His unique use of puppets to communicate serious and entertaining messages in the business world has been the focus of stories in The Wall Street Journal, USU TODAY, TIME and many other business publications.

In addition, Dale has appeared on "Entertainment Tonight." "Good Morning America," The Today Show," numerous talk shows and at banquets, theaters and clubs throughout the country. He has authored several books on ventriloquism for Maher Studios. In 1989, Dale was named Ventriloquist of the Year.
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The framed, autographed, Dale Brown card shown above has been won in today's drawing by John Byrd. John tells me also began his career as a ventriloquist at age ten inspired by Paul Winchell, and his first figure was a Jerry Mahoney (see photo right). Like many who once owned a Jerry, he wishes he still had it!


  1. Don't we all. I started with a Jerry Mahoney as well, and used him for many years, changed his looks, made him a new body and installed a head stick and lever, and somewhere along the way lost him. I still have photo's of him, but have no idea where he went.

  2. David Nickell5/07/2010

    Forget ventriloquism. The photo itself brings back so many memories of growing up in the 1950s. The washed-out color of a Kodak Brownie. Dad keeping his tie on after a long day at work. Mom not in the make-believe June Cleaver dress and apron but in a blouse and skirt. The typical family portrait of Mom & Dad on the couch and Junior sitting on the floor. Been there. Done that. Miss it. (The only thing that's missing is a photo of Junior sitting on the spotted pony that toured through the neighborhood.)