Coin comments

"Thanks to my lucky vent collector coin, my refreshing refresher Maher Course and my recaptured talent, my school show yesterday was a huge success. My first one in 22 years.
Not bad for someone who is going to be 74 in July. Thanks."
Tom Farrell

"Thank you for the coin. It was so much fun to get that envelope and not know what to expect inside. It was kind of like the old days when my new Newsy Vents arrived via Charlie, our mailman. Thanks, my friend, you are one of a kind. Of course, we could get a fiberglass mold and then make another copy of you." Al Getler

"I have been away for a few days -- collected the mail today, and there was the beautiful dollar! Thank you! Spend it? Are you kidding? I'm still holding on to a Maher $10 Gift Certificate dated Jan 6, 1997!!! These treasures create more interest than anything you can find at a bank!" Evelyn Hickam

"My coin arrived today. Thank you so much! It was the highlight of my day. I have been home sick for several weeks now dealing with arm, shoulder and neck pain which is preventing me from venting! I am hoping that I will recover fully but still unknown at this point. I am not even sure at this point whether I can return to my 'dummy' friends or even to work full time. However, I do know God is in control and He has the answer to this problem. If you and others on your blog wish to pray for me over this issue it would be very much appreciated. Thanks again for the coin, it really does look great and will take pride of place amongst my vent memorabilia." Geoffrey, Australia.


  1. Anonymous5/07/2010

    may God heal you soon Geoffrey - your dummies need you!!

  2. Anonymous5/08/2010

    Coin Comments could be collected and put in Themed Pages. LeeDean

  3. Good suggestion - I may do that.