The signing

This picture was taken in my shop last Fall. Seldom do I ever have that many figures nearing completion at the same time - it may never happen again! My last step before joining head with body is to sign and date the head post. That is what is happening here.

I've framed one of these shop snapshots and will give it away later this week. And, yes, the photo is signed and dated as well! :-)


  1. Anonymous3/01/2010

    Clinton, I still have a signed & dated photo of you that you sent me upon request in 1982! I treasure that! It's dated 2-15-82. You are seated with 3 figures. An African american male, A female one, & A caucasian boy figure. We both had hair then! HA! {I had more though, but now I have less! } Bill Smith

  2. thats great you sign the figures you make you do awesome job clinton