Getting Started in Performing Vent, Part 1

By Liz VonSeggen

So, now that you have been practicing as a ventriloquist, how do you get started performing in front of a REAL audience? Here are some questions you might like to ask yourself to see if you are ready to step into this exciting adventure of performing.

1. Have you written out or timed the performance you plan to give so that you know exactly what you and your partner will be saying? In the beginning it is beneficial to preplan every detail.

2. How will you present yourself? Do you need a ventriloquist stand or will you hold your partner the entire time? It is better to stand than to sit unless you are performing for very young children in a small group setting.

3. How will you enter and exit the stage with your vent partner? If you need special props or a room divider, be sure to plan wisely. You want your vent pal to look alive from the moment your audience sees him until he is out of sight. Will you take him from a suitcase or bring him from behind a wall or other object designed to keep him out of sight until you are ready?

4. Do you need sound equipment to be heard easily? Plan for enough time to check out the equipment where you are thinking of performing.

Tomorrow: Ideas for places providing the perfect opportunity to do your first performances.


  1. James Tucker3/01/2010

    This is exactly what I needed to know. thank you.

  2. James Tucker3/01/2010

    this is exactly what I needed. thank you!

  3. Liz I have your voice instructional and must say yours is one of the best around thank you for all the great tips look forward to seeing you again in July. N Jay aka Jungle Jay