A Dummy Speaks his thoughts...


By "Clarence Clutterfield"
(On the left in the photo at right)

“But one thing I do: forgetting what is behind and reaching forward to what is ahead.” (Phil. 3:13b)

Whew, Valentine’s week was an experience for an old man like me. Jim dragged me from place to place, but boy was it worth it. I got to meet all kinds of people, and even heard some of them laugh. That does an old man good. As a matter of fact, it does everyone some good.

Please don’t ask me where we’ve been. You see, I’m getting kind of forgetful these days. Many of you might think that is part of getting old. But if you ask me, it is simply a part of living. Of course, a part of living is getting old.

Let me run you through a brief test. Have you ever borrowed a pen from someone and then forgot to give it back? Uh huh, just as I thought. How about forgetting that you had locked your keys in your car? Ever forget to buy something at the store but remembered as soon as you got home? Yep, no one seems to have a corner on memory. Perhaps it’s because no one has a corner on aging.

I saw a lady yesterday in the parking lot who was obviously looking for her car. She had forgotten where it was. I was encouraged because she was a lot younger than me. In fact, everyone these days are a lot younger than me.

If you ask me, we are like computers. They always seem to be a little hard to figure out, and they never seem to have enough memory.

Last night I watched a show on T.V. for forty-five minutes, then started channel surfing during commercials. I didn’t finish watching the program because I couldn’t remember what channel I had been on. That’s okay though. I had forgotten the story.

I decided to go to the doctor with my memory problem. I told him that I was having trouble remembering. When I was standing at the mail box I couldn’t remember if I had just mailed the letter or if I had just come out to get the mail. When I stood at the foot of the stairs, I couldn’t remember if I needed to go up them, or if I had just come down them.

Finally, the doctor got the idea. He asked me, “How long have you had this problem.”
“What problem?” I replied.

Jim says not to worry about our memory. Worrying won’t help us to remember. In fact, he says that it is good to forget some things. We need to look at every day as an adventure in living under the control of our Heavenly Father and to look forward to the future while forgetting the past. We need to trust God with all of our needs, even our memory.

Jim says it’s okay to laugh at ourselves if we forget some things. That must be why I have been laughing a lot today. Who knows, perhaps I will even remember about what.

Clarence Clutterfield
and Jim Burke
(Clarence is a product of Axtell Expressions)


  1. Sometimes I say some cute things but which could be taken as smart mouth like what I said to an old lady who didn't know how to park a car. I had just pulled into a Kroger down from an Assisted Living sign just beyond the store, and found a parking spot up close. The car to my left was parked okay, in between the two white parallel lines, but the one to my right, an end spot for handicapped only, so marked marked in yellow, had a car parked right on the yellow. I determined that I could still reasonably park my smaller car so I very slowly eased in, parked, and had to be careful opening door. Just then, and an old lady with a bag of groceries walked up to her bigger car on the right and said, "Now how do you expect me to get in my car?" I stood there a moment, about to close my door, and said to her without thinking first, "Well, I guess you'll have to back out first." Realizing what I had said, I immediately got back in my car, backed out, and left. I have an excellent memory except oftentimes fail to remember to think before I speak.

  2. I think Clarence is a pretty sharp guy with a great attitude. It's called taking life light, and I'm all for that!!!

    By the way, I think Clarence is the best puppet Axtel has ever done and I hope to get his brother some day soon.

    Jeff Pennell
    A K A Beep Beep The clown!!!!