Getting Started Performing in Vent - Part 2

By Liz VonSeggen

After you have made the necessary preparations (see yesterday's post), here are some ideas for places you may find the perfect opportunity to do your first performances.

1. Try out your program on a small group of children and/or family members. This might be a great Saturday or Sunday afternoon get together. Be sure those invited understand you are going to present a short routine and have them all sit down to watch and listen at the same time. Maybe one of your family members could also plan a snack or dessert for all to enjoy when you finish. You do need people who love you and will cheer you on as you begin. Make this a fun event for everyone.

2. Ask at your school if there are any talent shows or opportunities for you to share your ventriloquism performances. Then work with a teacher or adult who can help you practice and present your act for those events.

3. Check with your local scout organizations to see if you could present your routine and maybe even answer questions from the kids about how you learned ventriloquism. Most people are very fascinated by this unusual hobby.

4. Check with all your friends to see what organizations they have any connection with. If you can be of service for special events held by these organizations, you already have someone who knows you well and can vouch for your skills. In the beginning offer your services for free or for a minimal amount of money in order to obtain valuable experience and recommendations. Be sure to ask the director or other officials from the organization to write you a letter of recommendation if they liked your work.

5. Check with the children’s director at your local church to see if there might be an opportunity for you to present a short routine for the children using a Bible verse or a song. You might also volunteer to do one birthday program each month for all the children with birthdays in that month at your church. This will give you some good experience and allow your director to see your work.

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