Performance Stands

Question: Here's a quick question. Do you have any recommendations for a stand, step-stool or even ladder to use when performing? (I am totally new at this, greener than green.) I've not seen any suggestions or possible equipment anywhere. On my own, I found a take-apart bar stool, kind of like what you would see at the counter in a diner. It's sturdy and stores flat, other than the thickness of the seat. Does that sound workable? Any drawbacks?
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Answer: Most vents do use a stand for their figures when performing. And most use a basic table top that fits onto a microphone stand (Radio Shack, etc) that is adjustable in height.

But, there's nothing wrong with creating your own if the height is appropriate and it's easy to stand next to, transport, etc. (I believe a microphone or music stand fitted with a table top might appear more "professional" than a bar stool, but once the acts starts, few people will be thinking about the stand! Nor have I seen yours - it may be perfect.)

Our son, Kevin, offers the basic table top on his Animated Puppets site: http://animatedpuppets.blogspot.com/

While you are on Animated Puppets' site, check out the Ulitmate Stand which doubles as a puppet!


  1. I like a folding chair, old funeral home style. You can unfold it, set figure case upright on chair, then sit figure on top.

  2. I like folding chair, old church or funeral home style, made of oak, fitted with strap to carry on, then unfold it and set figure case upright on top of it, then sit figure on case.

  3. If the stool is the right height for you, you can drape it to the floor with a soft black fabric which will enhance the professional stage appearance. This is what I do with my stand, which is a vintage hospital tray on wheels & the height can be adjusted. I just drape it to the floor. Then I also covered a wooden box (approx 6"x6" x 9" with the same fabric that sits on top of the stand. I set my figure on the box with his feet solid on the top of the stand, rather than dangling down in front. I saw one of Terry Fator's earlier acts in Las Vegas set up like this and that is where I got my idea for a more professional look.