Lesson 18 (Maher 1975 Course)

It did not take long, after purchasing Maher School of Ventriloquism in 1969, for us to discover people frequently purchased the Maher Course because it included plans for building a vent figure. But as a craftsman, and as a past student of the Course myself, I knew the mimeographed set of plans Mrs. Maher provided were less than adequate. So early on, one of my personal goals was to replace that lesson. I was able to do so in 1975.

That was the year a new Lesson 18 was published with a full set of plans that included photos and illustrations showing how one could build a full size figure employing ordinary skills and products, using common household tools. Those were the days before digital cameras, so as I built the figure I made repeated trips into Denver to our photographer so he could photo the work as it progressed. The picture here is the completed figure I built. Others following the instructions would create a similar character or something totally different. I would love to hear from any and all of you who built figure or figures using my Lesson 18 as reference.

Since we have continued to receive requests for this set of instructions, it is the one Lesson from the 1975 traditional version of the Maher Course that we've kept in print.

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  1. Good looking figure. Ventriloquist Kriket

  2. Walter R.2/04/2010

    Should have left the lesson 18 in the course,that way other could have had fun building there own figure. Why did you leave it out?

  3. Sold separately more people can take advantage of it (and the Course was expanded in other important areas without price increase.)

  4. This from Dave Robison: Dave Robison has left a new comment on your post "Lesson 18 (Maher 1975 Course)":

    I built a figure using Lesson 18 when I was in high school. Used it as my "shop class" project, much to my teacher's dismay. (I think he wanted me to build a gun rack, something he knew how to grade) The figure's construction was even covered by the local press at the time.

    Sadly, the figure did not survive the years since, but I still have Lesson 18, marked up and stained.