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Question: I love Jay Johnson's, Bob. I was thrilled when I saw Charlie McCarthy on display there (Smithsonian) many years ago but I'll have to make another trip to see Bob now. A strange detail I remember noticing on an episode of Soap: Chuck and Bob come downstairs in their robes and Bob had bare feet. For some reason I got a kick out of that (sorry about the pun). I was always a little disappointed that none of the figures I ever owned came with actual feet--just those stuffed, fabric protuberances. I wonder if the Bob that Jay currently uses also has "real" feet.
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Answer from Jay Johnson:
The quick answer is no Bob does not have anatomically correct feet. Although Bob's feet are solid cast they are not finished with toes, more like shoe tree tops.

I use several different bodies for Bob with different looks of clothes, one is dressed permanently with a Tuxedo so we can go formal quickly.

If there was a costume that required Bob to be barefoot then of course I would use a body with realistic feet. That was probably the case on the episode of SOAP your reader remembers.

We used the same trick of duplicate bodies on SOAP. If I had several changes during a show, wardrobe would dress a body for each scene. It made the fast change go so much faster and easier. In one episode Bob had to roller skate so we used a walking body.

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  1. I like the hands, sort of like Insull/Davenport style, real big hands.