NAAV Sterling Silver Necklace

Only 144 were made, and that was over 35 years ago! Considering its age, this one doesn't look too much worse for the wear. (Actually, it has never been worn.) Made for members of the North American Association of Ventriloquists; now a collector's item. To be awarded by drawing in a few days to one of the readers who frequent this blog.


  1. well that beautiful for any women i hope you pick me but,of course we all say that

  2. Anonymous2/28/2010

    Only WOMEN????? Isn't that sexual discrimination???? I mean, when you offer something that features a MALE vent, do you say it's only open to MEN???? JUST KIDDING!!!!! HA! Good luck ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {:^D

  3. You make a good point - I think you've caused me to change my mind....may the appropriate person win!

  4. Anonymous2/28/2010

    Bought both the male and female version back in the day. Gave the female version to my daughter, and you're giving one away. I wnder were the other 142 are ???
    Ron Scherer

  5. Anonymous2/28/2010

    It would go good with my NAAV money clip -- which I show off to everyone-- whether they want to see it or not...
    Magical Montana Santa