Shopping for your vent figure

By Arty Freda

Interested in buying your vent figure a sharp looking tux? Go to a formal wear shop where they rent formal wear. They sell used tux outfits in children's sizes at a fraction of new prices.

In some cases it would pay you to visit second and thrift shops, where clothes and even uniforms in top condition are sold for a very nominal fee. When I do Cub Scout and Blue Gold dinners I usual ask den leaders to send me the pack numbers which I pin to Luigi's jacket.

Another good source for props and clothes are garage sales. At one garage sale I purchased a doll with a lion's head. I revamped it and use it when I do a Lion's Club function.

Perhaps your next door neighbor has some clothes that a son or daughter (once the size of your vent figure) has outgrown. A kindly neighbor would likely be more than happy to give you such clothes for the asking.

You could visit the local theater. Children patrons sometimes leave hats, jackets and the like that go unclaimed. The manager would be more than happy to give them to you.

If you want something really special for the figure, you can always go to the costume designer. This is especially helpful when you're doing a special show.

Good luck in your venture of shopping around for your figure.
* * * * *
Adapted from Shopping Around For Your Vent Figue, Newsy Vents, Vol. 34, Issue 1, Jan/Feb 1978, copyringht North American Associatoion of Ventriloquists.


  1. Excellent piece, Mr. D. I got lucky on a 3T fpc. tux on Ebay, big sale $5.00.

  2. There is one item that people seem to often forget about that could really help them: Clothes dye. You could buy red, yellow and blue dye. And you would be able to make orange (y+r) purple (r+b) green (y+b) brown (r+y+b) so you have atleast 7 colors with just 3 packs of dye. Also you can very the shade depending on the ratio you use. Say you see that ugly shade of plaid you don't like but it's on the perfect looking suit. Clothes Dye could make it a beautiful black suit in no time!

  3. Anonymous1/23/2010


    Arty Freda! WOW!! Now THERE is a man who should be remembered far FAR more than he has been!! What a GREAT GUY!! He was the original conVENTion photographer, with many years of pro photo work behind him for big guys such as "downbeat" magazine, etc!! I was waiting for my connecting plane at the chicago airport, which would take me to my very first conVENTion {1988}, reading my "Newsy Vents", When he apparently recognized what I was reading, & came up & introduced himself. We arranged to sit together on the plane & had a great time chatting!! I wish I had been better at keeping in touch with him & not stopped writting/calling! SUCH a nice man! I will ALWAYS treasure that time, & the 2 autographed photos of him with "Eric" & "Luigi", & also his 2 cassette tapes I purchased through you! Thank you so very much for posting this! Bill Smith

  4. And even Hair for Men, the dye to change hair color, works too on other things. My figure's hair and shoes were brown, now they are black.