Lucky Duck!

On more than one occasion I have written about one of my favorite creations, and a favorite of my audiences as well, "Lucky Duck". Using the "third arm illusion" (my right arm and hand are fake), this highly animated puppet had light up eyes in addition to moving head and mouth. Probably one of the most fun puppets I've worked with! Photo from the '70s.
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  1. I've not been able to figure out how Jim Barber does what he does.

  2. Nor have a lot of us! What a great compliment to Barber for his creative, innovative skills.

  3. Anonymous1/21/2010

    Hey Clinton
    Wouldn't your right arm be the fake? As you look at the picture it would be the left side of the picture, but it would still be your right arm. I went to school in Michigan and may have a faulty education so if I am wrong, I'll continue my education.


  4. Oops! Yes, right arm fake...I've corrected my post - thank you. Let's see now...left in the photo is actually right, so left is wrong; right is right....

  5. And my comment on Barber is misplaced thinking you were operating duck somehow with both members.

  6. Anonymous1/21/2010

    There was a Brit or an Aussie that used an Imu with the same arm idea.
    What was his name?

    Barb Phoenix
    Oregano And Friends Vent-y Tales

  7. I believe you are referring to Rod Hull.