The Man Upstairs

By Arty Freda

A few years ago during my travels to Indonesia, while working for the A.I.D. Program as a Photographic Specialist, I happened to visit a hospital staffed by the Seventh Day Adventists. I spoke to an American nurse asking her if I could put on a show for the patients and staff. She said, "That's great, but I am most certain we could not afford you." I replied that I was on a mission for the government and on my own time I like to spread a little cheer. She remarked, "If you don't want any money, who are you doing it for?" "For Jesus", I replied, "and I am most certain He will see that I have a good audience."

Two months ago one of my students was doing a ventriloquism and magic show along with me at one of the homes for the aged. We entertained from the altar to a wonderful crowd of residents. The chapel was very nice. When the show was over, I remarked to my student about the fine job he did. "Well", he said, "Arty, look who was watching over our shoulder." I looked back, and there on the wall hung a large portrait of Jesus. "With a coach like that", he continued, "you can't go wrong."

I am sure that all of us in the entertainment field have the talent God gave us, so why not cast forth your talent and it shall come back to you a hundred fold. As my young student said, "Let's do it for the Man upstairs."

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  1. From Steve Engle: Remembering your posts about the Insull figures,Arty Freda has the two main characters in this picture that Maher sold in the 1950's. "Terry" is on (our) left and "Bob"
    on the right.