Luncheon setting

Question: I will be doing a presentation at a Senior Center's special luncheon with about 200 people present. The lady in charge has suggested I begin my program as soon as everyone has been served. My opinion is that a ventriloquist should not perform to an audience who is eating a meal, but should wait until at least the majority are finished or most are nearly finished eating to avoid competition with clacking utensils/plates. And while eating, the audience cannot keep the eye contact with the figure. Am I correct in my thinking, and will it be okay for me to politely inform her of this "ground rule"? Your opinion please. Thank you. Sandi
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Response: I totally agree that you should not be expected to perform during a meal. No one benefits from the conflicts that would cause. (I'm not sure that I would even accept a job under those circumstances.) It's possible the lady in charge doesn't realize how awkward that situation would be, and would actually be thankful if you explained to her why her luncheon guests would be better served by having lunch first with entertainment to follow. Maybe your client has some time constraints but there must be a compromise you can work out. Clinton


  1. Anonymous7/19/2009

    SOP. No competing with cutlery.
    You'll notice, too, that dinner theatres serve people food, clean up the tables, take drink orders, serve drinks, and THEN the play begins.

  2. I would never think of performing while the audience is eating. You never know if they're going to throw the food at you.