Lighten up, fella!

Question: I've attached a picture of me and my vent figure ---as I've gotten older he has gotten very heavy and hard on my wrist (I'm trying really hard to avoid carpal tunnel). Any ideas to lighten him up? Chere' Mask
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Answer: Unless he has a body made of the molded latex Lovik World used early on (and I doubt that the one you have was made in that manner), there's really no way to make him lighter. Be sure to perform with him sitting on a stand. Let the stand bear his weight. If you raise the stand so his eyes are level (or just slightly lower) than your own, there will also be less stress on your wrist as you manipulate the head.
Note: If, by chance, he does have the latex molded body, I could replace it with a lighter weight torso (using his same legs, arms, and hands) and probably eliminate a couple pounds. A new torso would cost about $100.00.

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  1. Anonymous7/21/2009

    Your Leroy is identical to my #1 dummy, and as the years go by, if you don't have him on a stand, he WILL seem heavier. Have a close look at "Scotty" shown on Clinton's blog. He's only a bit smaller, but you'd find him much lighter for carrying around as you perform. The addition of a second show companion is great for renewed enthusiasm, and you'll soon become oblivious to the size difference. Highly recommended.