Voice contrast problem

Question: I have been devloping a character for quite a while now. I have his personality and such established. However, I realized while going over a video I used to practice [filming my act and such], our voices are far too much alike. How do you practice making your voice going deeper and higher, so on, so forth? Ty
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Answer: I have always used the musical scale to find voice placement tone for the vent figure that is higher or lower than my own. If you have a keyboard, use it. But if not, just sing up (or down) the scale: "do, re, me, fa, sol, la, ti, do", etc. When you find a tone that gives good contrast, stay on that tone and begin speak words on that some tonal level. If you have trouble retaining that tonal level, go back to the musical scale, and repeat the exercise. Repeat, repeat, repeat, day after day. Eventually you will be able to hit the desired tone at will.

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